Detection Range & Field of View

  • The NEFELI pipeline is able to process two video streams concurrently.

  • The stream captured by the front viewing camera undergoes continuous processing at 8Hz.

  • The remaining seven camera feeds are systematically processed in series, with each camera updating at a frequency of 1Hz.

  • NEFELI ensures that every angle is accounted for, creating a complete 360-degree field of view.


A pivotal attribute of NEFELI software is its hardware-agnostic design, ensuring compatibility with a range of computing units adhering to specific requirements and equipped to accommodate video streams from any 4K camera. Additionally, NEFELI's software is optimized for GPUs, facilitating faster development and garnering broader support from a larger developer community. Its modular algorithmic architecture enables timely integration of the latest advanced machine learning algorithms, ensuring the system stays updated with the latest technological strides.

Camera protocol: GMSL2

Processing unit: NVIDIA Jetson Orin AGX (64GB)

Video streaming protocol: SRT (via cellular network)

Data transmition to the ground station: MQTT (via cellular network)

Connection protocol to airctraft mission computer: Serial (A429, RS-232/422)

Operating Conditions

Nefeli is designed to operate during normal flight stage. It does not support landing and take-off stages.

Robust performance under multiple weather conditions:
  • Daylight
  • Rain
  • Low light (cloudy)
  • Fog

  • Robust performance under camera/sensor corruptions:
  • Photon noise
  • Electronic noise
  • Blur due to camera defocus